Every day with Lithuanian!
“Lithuanian 365” is Lithuanian language courses for foreigners and for those who returned to Lithuania – children, teenagers, adults and seniors. We teach all levels: from beginners to advanced, in line with the common framework for European language learning, teaching and assessment set by the Council of Europe. We prepare for State language proficiency tests I, II, III and Constitution exam.

If you want to feel good in a strange country and manage in different life situations: shopping, in the street, hospital, work, cafes, find friends, make your daily life easier and enjoy every day – we invite you to study with us!

In addition, it is a great opportunity to learn a language that is sometimes referred to as “open-air museum” because it is an archaic language similar to the old Greek, Latin and Sanskrit languages. Lithuanian has one of the largest dictionaries in the world. Our teacher is a professional Lithuanian language teacher with extensive experience in teaching foreigners, so the lessons are creative, interesting and useful. The language of instruction is
Lithuanian, but for beginners it is explained in Russian and English.

Why us?